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Family Legacy Ministries

We are a Christian Family Ministry working to strengthen relationships within the family unit. We especially work with couples on strengthening marriages and working through whatever trials they may be facing.

In our Marriage Ministry we have marriage retreats available where we can work in small groups or we can work with individual couples one on one. During this time together we work on the roles each spouse has within the marriage. We also work through issues and learn biblical ways to have a much more exciting and lasting marriage.

In our Parenting Ministry we work with parents on parenting issues. We believe the Bible gives us clear guidance on how to raise our children. It is a real honor to be blessed with children and only right for us parents to be the spiritual leaders in our homes that God calls us to be.

Check out our marriage and parenting help links on the left side of this page for some useful tips. Also check out our events link for places and times we have events already scheduled. To schedule a speaking engagement click here and we will respond to your request as quickly as possible.

WWAY-TV featured our Daughter's Book "Candyland" and the story of how she wrote it. You can see the story by clicking on the book cover below:

As featured on WWAY TV3

Also check out our new book about our marriage and the trials we have faced. We believe you will enjoy reading this non-traditional Christian book about marriage written in a non-preachy, open and honest way. It reads like a novel but gives great Christian advise along the way. It is insightful as it looks deep into our marriage where nothing is hidden. You will see how a couple in a Christian marriage can weather many storms and in the end have an even stronger marriage and a deeper Christian faith. Click on the book cover below for a preview:


Click here to preview

Our marriage of 21 years has suffered through many trials. We have written a book called "A Forever Love Story, Surviving Trials in Marriage" which tells our story and how God has been the rock that kept our marriage together.  

You will “see into” our life: a "love story" of a whirlwind romance complete with adventure, danger and drama told in an entertaining and fun way.  Most importantly it celebrates God's victory in restoring a marriage and provides scriptural truths for those who might find themselves in similar trials without being "preachy".

Enjoy God's truths of how you can have a "forever love story" in your marriage.

Book Reviews:

"You have GOT to read Kim's story!"

"It’s an awesome story!!!"   

"God is with you and I can tell from your story He has always been there for you" 

"As a librarian I have read a LOT of books.  Some, no matter how hard I try I can't finish. I couldn't leave this book until I had read all 13 chapters and felt disappointment that I didn't have more to read." 

 "Honest and explicit yet this book is valuable and gripping with some very strong, powerful and important points."

 "I'm just amazed at God's mercy and grace as I read your story."

BUY NOW (This will take you to Paypal's home page). IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT GO AHEAD AND SIGN IN as you will be on the "HOME" tab. OTHERWISE click on "Send Money". This will take you to a new page. This new page will have a box on the right side labeled "Send Money". You must enter goodnk@bellsouth.net as the "TO" email and your own for "FROM". Enter the amount of money you wish to send ($14.99 for each book or $11.95 for Candyland). Then click the "Goods" button and then "Continue". 

Or you can: Send  $14.99 and your shipping address to:

Family Legacy Ministries P O Box 811 Rocky Point, NC 28457

For Cash On Delivery via  USPS:  Email Shipping address to publishing@familylegacyministries.org  

This book is also available from: Amazon Books (Purchases here will require shipping charges and result in less funding to this ministry)

For all other purchases from: Amazon Books                                                   (By following this link to Amazon's home page our ministry will receive a small percentage of your order regardless of what is ordered)


You are listening to "Long Line of Love" by Michael Martin Murphey (Paul Overstreet / Thom Schuyler) From the Album "Country Love Songs" Warner Brothers Record 1989. This song has been our family's theme song from Kim's grandparents to his parents, and now to us and our daughters. Let us share our heritage with you through Family Legacy Ministries.

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